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Marc Goldblatt

(203) 461-0463 (Eastern Time Zone)

Norwalk CT

Fuse Box Video

Please click below for a short video about the Classic Technologies fuse box.

Youtubers Fuse Box Installation on a classic Land Rover, click link!!

The fuse box is so versatile, its perfect for any classic.

Classic Technologies Fuse Box Schematic:

Click the schematic thumbnail to view PDF of the Classic Technologies schematic Fuse Box integrated into a vehicle.

Classic Technologies Fuse Box Dimensions w/o cover:

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Classic Technologies Fuse Box Dimensions with cover:

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'Fuse Box Installation Video'

Please click below for a video of the Classic Technologies Fuse Box being installed in a 1959 Austin Healey 100-6.

AMC Gremlin Barn Find and Restoration Story

Click the Gremlin thumnail to read the story.

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Fuse box - new product in my current project, a 1964 jaguar mark tw

Every now and again those of us involved in the restoration of our vintage cars come upon new products that exceed expectations. That has just happened to me and I wanted to share some news about my finding. Those of us who have 60s era cars are used to the ubiquitous two fuse Lucas fuse box, and how limiting it is. A fellow named Marc Goldblatt, A mechanical engineer and owner of ClassicTechnologies, has developed a very compact Fusebox consisting of seven relays, 15 fuses and 34 wiring positions perfectly suited for our cars and at a very reasonable price.

In addition to the fuse box Marc provides a fantastic wiring schematic and directions and he will also help with the development of a custom wiring harness. Alternatively, great directions are provided for adaptation of the box to an original harness already in place in the car.

I have just installed one of Marc's boxes in my current project, a 1964 Jaguar Mark 2 and I am a very happy and satisfied customer. I only wish that he had his fuse box on the market when I restored my Healey



fuse box photo

Your fuse box is terrific. Everything works as advertised. Thanks for putting in all the energy to make such a professional product.

Eric Kriss

Kriss Motors


I received my panel and it looks top quality!
Thanks and I will let folks know who helped make my jag restoration possible!!

Dave Lima


fuse box photo

fuse box photo fuse box photo

During my install of the Classic Technologies fuse box I had numerous questions. Marc always promptly answered my emails with clear answers and diagrams. The problem I had when I did mine is the very detailed wiring diagram he provided was for a later model TR6 and had significant changes from my TR250 but any problem I had was answered by Marc.

Tim Moore


Thanks again for getting me the new fuse box designed for all aspects of my electrical system and providing the revised wiring schematic / instructions. Although I placed the fuse box in the non-stock location the schematic and instructions were invaluable to planning and success of the project.

fuse box photo


I completed all aspects of the wiring this weekend. Took longer than I had planned but all the pre planning did help the process go much smoother. Best news is with initial power applied every aspect of the electrical system worked. Also a few more pictures attached.

Thanks again for getting me the new fuse box designed for all aspects of my electrical system and providing the revised wiring schematic / instructions. Although I placed the fuse box in the non-stock location the schematic and instructions were invaluable to planning and success of the project.

Steve Lail


fuse box photo


I am all finished with the wiring except for adding in some LED under Dash lighting, but I'm in no real hurry on that part. I'll say again, that this is one of the best purchases that I have made with high quality parts and construction. I have had several things that I have purchased for the car that were let downs in terms of quality, but not this. I posted some pics on 6-pack from a few weeks back (Starting to see Red topic) under vaportrail if you are in there wandering around ever.

Jeff B.


fuse box photo

Hi Marc,

I just received my stop light switch, installed it, and the brake lights are working.  So as far as I can tell, everything is perfect.  I just have to finish wrapping the wire and put the heater back.  So here are my overall impressions on the product, support, documentation and experience.

Product: Because of a couple of electrical problems that almost stranded me thousands of miles from home, I felt a modern fuse box would enhance my enjoyment of my car.  When I first looked at your product I thought the price was kind of high compared to the standard fuse box.  However, when I add in the cost of the relays I did not have (about $150 each) as well the included wire ( I cannot find English color coded wire in Canada), fuses and connectors, the price is probably lower.  And I have a safe and reliable electrical system as a bonus.  The fuse box seems to be well made and robust.  I may put a screw in to make sure the cover does not shake off.

Support: For me, and my lack of experience in automotive wiring, this had the greatest value.  If I undertook this project by just purchasing components I would have had to probably bring in someone to help me.  With the three hour time difference from our locations, when I would finish for the day, I would send off my questions.  When I checked my email the next morning you had replied with suggestions, answers or requests for clarification.  This could not have worked better.

Documentation:  The step by step, fuse box position layout is very effective.  That really help in keeping me from becoming overwhelmed.  The information of tinning, fuse box connections (section 12), design theory and relay theory was also very helpful.  The custom schematic was fantastic.  Even more impressive because my car did not match the schematic I sent you.  A couple of the references to the figures after page 13 did not line up.  It was obvious what the text was referring to, so this was not a problem.

Experience:  The job turned out easier than my expectations.  I knew I would uncover some unexpected surprises.  Of course if I expect the unsuspected doesn't that make it expected, never mind.  This was a learning experience , which I always enjoy.

My goals of modernizing and understanding my electrical system were achieved.  The value for the money was excellent.  If you ever have a potential customer looking for a reference, fell free to have them contact me.  Thanks again for everything.

Steve H


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