This is Classic Technologies NOT New Classic Technology. Starting 6/28/19, I began receiving calls about deductions from bank accounts from a company called New Classic Technology on the bank statement. This is NOT from our company! All our business is through Paypal. Take it up with the fraud department of your bank. Please do not call unless you are interested in our products.

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Marc Goldblatt

(203) 461-0463 (Eastern Time Zone)

Norwalk CT

Fuse Box Video

Please click below for a short video about Classic Technologies and about the aftermarket fuse box it offers.

Classic Technologies Fuse Box Schematic:

Click the schematic thumbnail to view PDF of the Classic Technologies schematic Fuse Box integrated into a vehicle.

AMC Gremlin Barn Find and Restoration Story

Click the Gremlin thumnail to read the story.

Classic Technologies Fuse Box Dimensions:

Click here to view the dimensions of the Classic Technologies Fuse Box.

'Fuse Box Installation Video'

Please click below for a video of the Classic Technologies Fuse Box being installed in a 1959 Austin Healey 100-6.

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Never forget to turn off your turn signals again: Install this high intensity led indicator light with integrated alarm that beeps with every flash to always remind you to turn off your signals.

Fuse Box SmallFuse Box

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About Classic Technologies: The founder is a hands-on mechanical engineer who is an auto enthusiast with a number of ground-up restorations under his belt. Through some of the restorations, he developed a few great solutions to problems that worked beautifully in his car and made them available for others to benefit from. The first item was a redesign of the stock sealing block in the front of the TR6 engine (prone to oil leaks). The other item was a comprehensive fuse box for rewiring a classic car properly, neatly and without unnecessary hassle. Its versatility and simplicity makes it a great platform for almost any classic car, hot rod or kit car. Below is an image of the new Classic Technologies fuse box. Please see the video to the left and the Products Page for more information on the fuse box, sealing block and Trafficator which is for those that forget to turn off their turn signals from time to time.

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